Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cream & Sugar Set

Industrial Design Fundamentals Assignment:
1. Design a pair of cream and sugar containers.
2. Maintain a "family" resemblance.
3. Base the design off an aesthetic influence.

Visual Reference Board: Art Deco

I experimented with building my form to reflect various art deco patterns. I eventually settle on a design that uses art deco style hoops to allow the cream to nest on top of the sugar bowl.

I begin with a sold chunk of blue foam.I carve out 2 different models
I go with the second model because it has a slimmer foot print that would fit better on most tables. While building the second model I discovered that I could get smoother cuts with the band saw than the hot wire cutter so my second model also had better overall craft.I paint a thick coat of plaster, wait for it to dry, and sand for several hours.
I use the band saw to cut a shelf out of clear acrylic that mimics the design of my sugar set. I use a heating strip to bend it 90 degrees.I use the shelf to present my design during the class critique.
Final Prototype:

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