Thursday, September 1, 2005

Some Ceramic Pieces

These all have pretty good glaze coverage. The container on the left was made by stacking clay coils up on top of one another. I painted it with a cool metallic glaze that makes the piece unsafe to drink from. I was going for kind of a twisted square look that I think turned out pretty well. The other two pots were thrown on the wheel using one hand because I still had the cast on from when I broke my wrist! I did the paint on the "summer bowl" (right) by first glazing a coat of red, and then using a splattering tool to splash black dots on it. The "winter bowl"(left) has the same metallic glaze as the coil container.

Guitar Mugs

Sculpture & Ceramic II, 1st Semester, Senior Year.

Accordion Pencil Holder

Ceramic & Sculpture 1, Semester 2, Jr Year

Don King Playing Card

Made in Art III, second semester of senior year.

I'll do a Queen Latifah card next.

Lime Green Teapot

The water holding portion was thrown on a wheel and the spout and handle were attached later. Besides a few pits, the paint turned out pretty good on this one. This was from Ceramic I class jr year.

Rainbow Coil Vase

I made this in Art III during the second semester of my senior year at Wake Forest Rolesville. I was going to enter it in a contest but I didn't finish in time. It got its inspiration from the vertebrae in a spine. Originalyy I was going to make it into a lamp. It is make of rolled up clay coils. It was crazy hard to make. It collapsed several times. If it hadn't collapsed so much It would have been bigger and I would have finished in time for the contest. This is one of my better paint jobs. I was trying to decide between alternating red & white or rainbow but in the end I went with rainbow. I took this to my interview to get into design school and Bong said it would have looked more stable if the colors were reversed with blue on the bottom.

Ceramic Burger King

Made in Ceramic II class during the first semester of my senior year at Wake Forest Rolesville.